Episode 5: Scotch Break with Amy and Marc

We’re not going to do this “get to know your host” type-show very often.  The only reason we decided to do this one was because several people I met wanted to know more about Amy.  Maybe they just wanted to know if she was single….

Regardless, We thought having an episode highlighting her flight experiences made sense.

I promise that the next episode will be back on-track. 🙂


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2 Responses to Episode 5: Scotch Break with Amy and Marc

  1. cholubaz says:

    Did you get her up in the plane yet?

  2. Marc says:

    Nope. She’s been in Argentina, on vacation (staying in hostels) for the last month.

    Don’t worry, we’re planning on the filming her flying, when we go.

    Actually, I’m thinking that I well get an instructor to give her a lesson. I mean, the whole reason for having a non-pilot as a co-host is to ask the questions us enthusiasts take for granted. So, seeing Amy take the controls for the first time might help someone who knows very little about aviation gain the confidence to try it themselves. After all, as pilots it’s no big deal to say, “just find a flight school/instructor and go”, but to someone who is totally out of the loop this is a huge hurdle.

    Now… shhhhhh… Don’t tell Amy. I haven’t said anything to her yet. 🙂

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