Vlogger Fair

Going to Vlogger Fair in a few weeks. Sorry, no new Preflight TV episodes. Many are in the works, and some have been filmed and not edited. I know… I’m a slouch.

Truth be told, we’ve been hard at work getting ready for the next phase. There are lots of things in motion, and hopefully things will work in a favorable direction.

Preflight TV will return. 🙂

Oh, and if you’re in Seattle, sign up for Vlogger Fair on June 8th and/or 9th. It’s only $30. http://www.vloggerfair.com

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10 Pilot to Pilot Tips #2

There are many things that are good to know as a pilot which are not necessarily rules.  Sometimes these are practical pieces of advice.  Most often they are lessons learned from practical experiences.  Here are a few pieces of advice, all having to do with FBOs, and rental aircraft:    Continue reading

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My 2 cents about SOPA and PIPA

If their business models don’t work… they need to change them to fit our needs. We shouldn’t be changing our infrastructure to fit their needs.    Continue reading

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Letter to AOPA (Plane Talk)

This is a letter I wrote to AOPA in response to an article Dan Namowitz wrote about “Plane Talk”, a show about GA flying…    Continue reading

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Episode 9: Vendors at AirVenture

Last month I attended AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I brought back some video. This is the first of the series.

During the week of AirVenture, Oshkosh Wisconsin boasts the busiest airport in the world. After being there for a week, I don’t doubt it. Every moment of the day there was two or three aircraft landing or taking off – very often, at the same time. Then, every afternoon there is an air show overhead.

While everyone was looking at the cool airplanes, I spent my time wondering the floor of the hangers on the lookout for cool stuff.

In this episode I take talked with a few vendors. Many of them were much shyer than you would think, and I had to improvise reporting on their products. When the vendor didn’t want to talk to the camera I’d hold the camera and do the voice-over right there. This worked for the most part, but this technique did capture a bit of background noise.

These are the vendors in this episode:

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Episode 8: Air Band Transceivers

Marc discusses hand held, air-band transceivers, and has some options about them as well.    View the episode

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Episode 7: Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show

Marc checks out the Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show at the Puyallup Fair grounds.    View the episode

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Episode 6: Electronic Pilot Logbooks

Marc discusses some of the pro’s and cons of electronic logbooks.    View the episode

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Electronic Pilot Logbooks (preview of episode 6)

Feature comparison of several pilot electronic logbook. The meat of this is a spreadsheet. Marc has distilled what he feels are the important features in a logbook down to a few items, and gives a side-by-side comparison of a few logbooks.    Continue reading

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Episode 5: Scotch Break with Amy and Marc

A little ‘get to know your hosts’ episode. Marc and Amy discuss Amy’s history with general aviation flying, while they sip their scotch. … and it’s on record – Amy agrees to go fly with Marc.    View the episode

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