Episode 2: Headphones

A cockpit is a noisy place, and every pilot needs a headset of some sort.  Here, we try out a few of the expensive ones:  Bose Headphone X, and Lightspeed Zulu.  We also tried an ASA just to say we did.

Maybe next time we will try a pair of Dave Clark’s.

In the episode, I recorded the headsets while in the air.  It’s a pretty simple operation, where I allow the camera’s audio sensitivity to set the input of the microphone, as it wasn’t my intention to measure the decible reduction.  I just wanted to demonstrate the overall quality of the headphones.  If you want detailed information, there are plenty of stats available on other websites.

Anyway, a problem resulted from my setup.  The Zulu was louder than the Bose, and the camera didn’t lower the mic volume like it should.  So, as you listen to the Lightspeed Zulu, pay attention to the voice of the control tower, rather than my voice, to get an idea as to what they sound like.

When I do this the next time I review headset – I’ll be sure to verify the audio levels aren’t peaking.  I would have only had to look at the camera audio meter… which, I obviously didn’t do.

Finally, I really do intend to get episodes on-line more often than once a month.  I’d like to produce an episode every other week, and more often when possible.  We’re still getting our filming/editing workflow put together, so we’ll get faster at it, as we gain; experience, equipment, assistance, money, and time.


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