Episode 3: Two Terminal Area Charts

Marc discusses some of the differences between the Jeppesen and the government terminal area charts. Guess who wins?

Wow! These are not getting easier to film and edit! We’ve made it really tough for ourselves by using green screen. We’re really intent on keeping the quality high, so there is a balance between getting it out quickly, and doing a good job. Just this last weekend we acquired a 12 core 12GB computer, which really helped speed things up. Maybe soon we’ll be able to get more than one episode a month released, like I keep mentioning. 🙂

During my flight training I wondered why we always used the government charts, and not the Jeppesen charts.  Really, the issue is that everyone should have a baseline.  The Jeppesen charts work perfectly well.

Pilots that avoid using them like to point out that they are not the ‘official’ charts, and when the FAA comes after your for a violation, they aren’t going to care that the chart was wrong.  So, having a government chart protects you from that to some degree.  However, I haven’t heard that ever happening.  Not that it never has, but it certainly not common.


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