Episode 6: Electronic Pilot Logbooks

Marc discusses some of the pro’s and cons of electronic logbooks.

We were prepared to film this video several weeks ago, but haven’t had the time to put it together. But, finally – it’s here.

We’ve already published the corresponding spreadsheet, comparing several logbooks. You can find the spreadsheet and comparison here.

We decided to cover the pro’s and con’s of electronic logbooks, rather than do a review because the market is changing very quickly. We’d be required to review electronic logbooks every month or two to keep up. With the advent of the iPad and other newer Android tablet devices, consumers are now able to afford touch screens on mobile computers. Where this may not seem like a major turing point, it is:

Small touch screens allow for electronic signatures, and the portable nature allows these devices to be realistically carried into the cockpit. Then, with applications like ForeFlight it may be that future logbook applications are combined with the planing process. These devices are the first step to having a completely paperless cockpit.

Though, we aren’t there yet, the future is very exciting.

Allot of work went into this one, but most of the work was to make filming PreFlight TV easier and quicker to film. We’ll see if our efforts pay off.


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