Errors in the low and medium feeds

I’m very sorry for those who’ve been having issue getting the latest episodes. If you were subscribed to the medium or low resolution feeds they were not necessarily pulling the videos. This has been true for nearly the whole month. However, I’ve figured out what the issue was, and it has been resolved.

If you wish to know the details:

PreFlight has all the feed’s URLs re-directed to the files (The reason is purely to count the number of times each file has been requested from the RSS feed). The issue was that I configured the redirects to point to a relative path instead of an absolute path (eg. “/videos/videoname.mp4” instead of “http://videos/videoname.mp4”). Normally, this is desired for a browsing session, as they (IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera) just reference the site the user is browsing and append the relative path the name. Needless to say, RSS readers don’t necessarily do the same thing.

The hi-def feed was not effected since all the video files are located on another system (Mevio), and all the redirects were absolute to begin with.

Thanks for your patience.

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